Meet Haakaa.


If you haven’t noticed theres one baby brand on a fast track to world domination, they do things a little different than the rest and I wanted to find out why. I had a chat with one of the boss ladies Morgan to see what they’re about and why they do things the way they do, I’ve always like the idea of supporting the use of natural products but for me it was probably more following a trend? (terrible I know) but I didn’t actually put enough research myself into why its important to use reusable containers and stay away from the plastic especially when if comes to my kids. The way Morgan breaks the info down and explains the real importance of cutting out chemical based products made sense to me and I’m not one easily swayed. Their products are genius and make so much sense, they are an investment! every bottle grows with your child from birth to school theres no need to keep buying time and time again when you are buying good quality first time around. When I asked about taking over the world “we just want to honestly create products that mums, dads, kids and all types of kids need and use everyday in a way that is both safe for them and our planet” – Its that simple, I urge you to read this and really take on board what Morgan is saying see what changes your family can make because even one small lightbulb moment will help I know I will be looking at what we can do around home xx

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Morgan haha I have come from working at Nespresso and had been there since we started in NZ 5 odd years ago. Our business has been in the pipe line for some time with myself and my step mother working together however has really taken off once I left my full time job just over a year ago to focus on Haakaa full time. I have always been big on fitness, health and products that are going to help our planet but since the birth of my sister (Courtney) it has really become evident to me how important these types of products are and the effects of chemical based products. I have two crazy dogs Horse and Cupcake who are my fur children and are also a big part of Haakaa and we also have a dog for Courtney called Dolly who helps Courtney with her condition. We are big animal and heathly living people around here and very family oriented with Haakaa being 100% family run and owned.

Why did you start Haakaa?

When my younger sister Courtney was born with Autism among other disabilities we were forced to change the way we did things and everything became focused on Courtney. I never realised, I dont think any of us did the effect these chemical based products have on children – especially ones who already are struggling. Courtney was unable to have lots of products that were chemical based and in our struggle to get these products here from overseas was when it all really begun. Postage was huge – delivery times were long – products were not that well designed and we just saw a huge gap – especially for children with disabilities. Kids that can not grip a straight, smooth bottle due to their hand movements – we added handles. Kids who could not bend their necks – we made the automatic straw which allows them to drink from a teat without moving their heads. It really all came from us watching Courtney and then going “we need one of these”. We also had people say “put her on this” or “give her that” and it just was not what we wanted to do or thought was best for Courtney – Courtney is now 11 – goes to school, walks, talks to a degree and is healthy, happy and medication free.

Haakaa seems to be taking over the world of baby products, whats next for you guys?

haha well we hope so – we just want to honestly create products that mums, dads, kids and all types of kids need and use everyday in a way that is both safe for them and our planet. We had a family trip to Bali last year and were there for a month and my step mum and I just spent so much of our time there sad at how rubbish – especially single use plastic is just destroying our planet. I do not think people really realise how bad it is and how if we do not change our ways and change our thinking of “put it in the bin – its gone” and “I only use it once” then we are in very serious trouble. It is killing our animals, marine life and our earth. Our bottles you buy once – and it grows and changes with baby, right through to school and even further. I guess whats next for us is just to really educate people and get this message as much as we can across that buying 10 plastic bottles for $6 is not only exposing your child to a huge amount of chemicals but these bottles end up in our oceans, in our landfills and they are there for good – also you just spent $60 without even thinking about it!

How important is it to use natural products when it comes to our babies?

These products do not need to be here – we have glass, we have stainless steel, bamboo, silicone, wood we have all these natural amazing resources we are just not using because plastic has become the “norm”. There are many links between disorders eg learning difficulties, depression, birth defects, anxiety, over excited children and cancer associated with these chemicals, especially in infant and unborn babies. These babies have no way to filter these chemicals and with many mums warming their childrens milk in plastic – I just wish that these warnings were on these products. My biggest frustration is this marketing ploy that ‘BPA free” is the bee all and end all. BPA is one of many – sometimes hundreds of chemicals that are used to make these products and its just like “fat free” you buy the fat free yogurt but the ironic thing is the fat free version is loaded with added flavours and hidden sugars and is actually worse for you!

Where do you draw inspiration, Haakaa has some really unique products unlike anything else out there at the moment.

Our inspiration here is Courtney 100% and just the more I do this and the more I learn I am so committed to reducing the waste we produce as humans. Our animals and marine life are being killed by plastic bags, straws and all sorts of useless plastic items that are then thrown away once they are opened everyday. Breaks my heart. Its funny because its known now amongst our friends and family “oh no Morgan is talking to the restaurant about taking the food away” – my step mother and I will literally give the poor woman a 30 minute lecture on the effect of polystyrene and leave the food haha. Fair well Kebab salads – I will eventually take my own container with me everywhere I go haha. When you see the level of waste out there and how silly so much of it is I don’t know how you cannot be inspired to do something about it.

Meet the team

Morgan – Co Founder Haakaa

Morgan Haakaa

Courtney and Kash – The Haakaa kids,Β Kash is Morgan’s nephew and Courtney is her little sister and the inspiration behind Haakaa.

Courtney and Kash haakaa

Dolly Β –Β With her condition she finds it very hard to make friends so this is why we got her Dolly (the dog) and she is very attached to us as we are really all she’s got. She is prob the funniest and most random person I know how ever – but kids a cruel. I laugh at her on the reg shes just so funny haha zero shame or filter haha.dolly haakaa

Head over to our IG account and enter to win one of the amazing Haakaa breast pumps, its kind of a big deal they are so elusive so run don’t walk!


14 thoughts on “Meet Haakaa.

  1. Anischka

    I keep seeing Haaka all over my news feed. Their products look awesome and I’ll be sure to try some out! Nice to see some behind the scenes πŸ‘


  2. Sammy

    Cannot wait to try this!!!! I’m waiting now for restock. Or maaaaaybe I could win this one πŸ˜‰ I love a great product that’s natural and if it really works like a boss I’ll be stoaked!!!!


  3. Nicole Gerritsen

    Awesome blogpost, can’t wait for my baby girl to arrive and so stoked that there are awesome products from NZ companies like this out there so I can provide healthier alternatives!


  4. Megan Summers

    When the product first came out I went through to check out at the last min I hesitated as it was a new product with no review and I’m one of those mothers that read reviews on all products before purchasing so I didn’t place an order (then I was guttered)! Seeing that you had purchased one I asked straight away your thoughts and u said it was amazing felt more like an egg so went to quickly order one and they were sold out :(. I too am a mother to two beautiful boys, and we run a very busy life my Pepe is 4months and I am a full time nursing student the convenience of the pump would be amazing just saying 😝


  5. Angalie

    I need to try this out, I haven’t managed to get a breast pump yet and this sounds fabulous πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»


  6. Jashziel Smart


    I would LOVE to get my boobs on one of your amazing Haakaa breast pumps.

    From a mummy to a 6 week old baby girl πŸ™‚ x


  7. Fenella Blackmoore

    Amazing business. Need more like this. Can’t wait to try the breast pump! Have pre ordered mine and every time I use my Medela I’m like argh! Not long till I don’t have to put together, take apart and wash 100 peices.


  8. Jordarne Wiggins

    Good on you Haaka! Awesome products for our babies that Mums can trust! The breast pump looks amazing!! Can’t wait to try one. Third baby due in 3 weeks πŸ™‚


  9. Nicole

    Definitely need to try this for the next baby.. And winning one would be a total bonusπŸ‘πŸ»
    Insta name – nicole__b_


  10. lauramunford

    I think that this has to be the coolest Breast pump since sliced bread. I would love to get one of these! Very cool to o hear of how and why these are created the way in which they are. Thumbs up!



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